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What are Executive Functions?

Just as a conductor leads an orchestra to perform beautiful music with precision and harmony, our prefrontal cortex guides us in utilizing our executive functions everyday of our lives. Each instrument in the orchestra contributes its unique sound to create a cohesive piece of music. Similarly, our executive function skills—such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, and problem-solving—work together seamlessly to help us reach our intended goals. When our executive functions are in sync, we can navigate the complexities of life with clarity and efficiency.

What to look for

7 Common Signs

What if your student’s executive function skills aren’t in sync? How can this affect them in school and life? Let’s break down some of the common signs of lagging executive function skills.

    Poor Orgnaization

    Poor Organization and Planning

    Student may struggle to plan study time or organize material needed for a long-term project. They rarely use a tracking tool to remember assignments and due dates. May have messy backpacks or lockers.

    Poor Time Management

    Poor Time Management

    Student has difficulty estimating the time needed to complete assignments. Unsure how to utilize their time effectively resulting in missed deadlines or carelessly rushing through work at the last minute.



    Acting out without considering the results of their behavior. Often interrupting others or making quick decisions without taking a moment to think it through.



    Inability to adapt when plans change or when something unexpected happens. Student may be rigid in routines or rules and resists new approaches or ideas.

    Difficulty Starting Tasks

    Difficulty Starting or Finishing Tasks

    Students may delay starting tasks or procrastinate on assignments due to difficulty initiating tasks or feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the task. Projects may go unfinished.

    Weak Working Memory

    Weak Working Memory

    Students may have difficulty holding and manipulating information in their mind, making it challenging to follow multi-step directions, remember instructions, or solve complex problems.

    Emotional Regulation

    Emotional Regulation Challenges

    Students may have difficulty regulating their emotions, leading to emotional outbursts, frustration, or anxiety in response to academic or social challenges.


These signs of lagging executive function skills can have profound effects on students' academic success, social interactions, and overall well-being. Providing targeted support, interventions, and strategies to address executive function difficulties can help students overcome these challenges and reach their full potential.

Helpful + Collaborative

What is Executive Function Coaching?

Executive function coaching is personalized support to improve skills like planning, organizing, self-regulation, and problem-solving.

I firmly believe in every student’s potential for a bright future, but it necessitates dedication and commitment from both the child and their parents. Together, we develop effective strategies to enhance your child’s executive function skills. My coaching empowers them to overcome obstacles and celebrate their successes, big or small. Witnessing students transform from self-doubt to confident learners is the most rewarding aspect of my work.

My coaching services cater to middle and high school students, as well as older students navigating the transition to post-secondary education. Given that ADHD is primarily characterized by developmental delays in executive functions, it’s unsurprising that a majority of my clients have received a diagnosis. This diagnosis serves as a crucial starting point for understanding their specific challenges and tailoring interventions to address their needs effectively.

What is EF Coaching

My personal connection with student athletes, stemming from the experiences with my own children, has provided me with unique insights into the challenges they face. Balancing academic responsibilities with rigorous athletic commitments can be incredibly demanding, often requiring strong time management skills. Having witnessed firsthand the juggling act required to excel in the classroom and on the rink, I understand the pressures and complexities involved in the lives of student athletes. This understanding fuels my commitment to providing them with the support and guidance they need to thrive academically while pursuing their athletic passions.

In fostering a supportive partnership between students, parents, and myself, we cultivate an environment where growth flourishes. I am dedicated to equipping young minds with the tools they need to thrive academically and personally. Whether it’s refining time management skills, honing study skills, or bolstering self-confidence, I am committed to guiding each student towards realizing their full potential.

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