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About Erin

The Coach

My dedication to assisting children and families with executive function difficulties grew from my personal journey with my children. When my eldest was diagnosed with ADHD, I felt lost and overwhelmed. Searching online, I came across the term “executive function” and realized it encapsulated most of my son’s struggles. I finally had a direction that would eventually put me on the path to becoming an executive function coach. 

I earned my B.A. in History from George Mason University. I pursued further education at Landmark College, where I obtained certification in Neurodiversity and Learning Differences, specializing in Executive Function. As a professional coach, I prioritize maintaining a positive outlook, building strong relationships with my students, and providing unwavering support to parents.

I cherish family time. We often spend our days at a swimming pool or a hockey rink, immersed in the activities we love. When I’m not shuttling between sporting events, I find joy in nature, travel, watching movies, and cooking delicious food, especially homemade desserts. Balancing life’s priorities can certainly pose a challenge, yet it’s a vital practice for cultivating happiness. I’m committed to incorporating this balance into our coaching journey.

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